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Xenith Sierra Product Capabilities

Job Tickets
Xenith Sierraís job ticket functionality offers the power and flexibility to create and store production plans for all jobs regardless of complexity.

Source Files

Operators can submit jobs as PostScript, PDF, or EPS. Sierra accepts all standard input formats.

Reading Order

Any job page may be submitted to Sierra as soon as it is ready, rather than waiting for the entire document to be complete. Sierra builds a Run List that determines the order and placement of pages in the finished imposition while automatically tracking revisions, providing a history of changes to the job.

Job Structure

Using the industry standard Enfocus library, Xenith Sierra provides accurate preflighting for any PDF workflow. Plus, users can add Acrobat preflighting with Sierra, creating a powerful error checking system.

Mutiple Workflows

Create as many workflows as necessary to automate production. Select preflighting, hard copy proofing, web proofing, imposition, trapping; whatever elements are needed to insure fast, predictable output.


Adobe in-RIP trapping is a standard feature of Xenith Sierra and even supports zone-based trapping. This means the system wastes no computational time or resource on areas that donít need to be trapped.

Fully integrated and automated, Xenith Sierra provides imposition capability within the workflow. Sierra can create an imposition from scratch or accept templates from the most popular third-party imposition programs, allowing users with existing tools to keep their current imposition schemes intact. Sierra automatically selects signatures based on the finished page specifications, binding style and number of pages in the job. Sierra even supports JDF imposition.

Ink Re-Mapping

Operators can use Sierra for re-mapping inks with name variations to their proper plates, instead of forcing them to return to the authoring application. For instance, Pantone 199 CV, Pantone 199 CVC, Pantone 199 CU, or Rubine Red may all appear as different inks within a job but Sierra will properly RIP the information to a single separation.

Local Approvals and Web Approvals

Xenith Sierra offers substantial flexibility for job approval. Local Approval provides the ability to have someone else within your shop view and approve jobs. Web approvals, utilizing the optional PRINTERnet, provide remote proofing and approval across town or across the globe.

Output Devices

Combined with Xitronís ability to support more than 256 different output devices, Xenith Sierra is easily the most flexible workflow on the market, providing output to film, plates, digital presses and production copiers and printers.

Multiple Streams

Sierra makes it easy for operators to create multiple workflow streams to facilitate any production need. Jobs can automatically route through the system based on press, platesetter, imposition schemes, or proofing cycles.

Extensive feedback and viewing capabilities provide operators with the ability to quickly check a job at any point in the workflow.

Imposed Flats

Operators receive visual confirmation that composite or rendered flats are correct and complete before final output, saving time and materials.

Inkjet Proofing
Sierra drives the most popular inkjet proofing devices from Epson and HP and even supports output to third party proofing systems such as EFI and CGS.

3D Proofing

This unique functionality allows operators to view completed, bound jobs in a 3D format, ensuring proper imposition and binding instructions will be carried through production.

Web Based Proofing
Optional PRINTERnet allows customers to view and approve their production proofs online, eliminating the delays encountered when using couriers and express delivery services.

Updated 04/18/2012


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