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Xitron’s Xenith Workflow is a scalable, server-based system that offers a functional approach to pre-press productivity. With an abundance of practical tools designed to ease production bottlenecks, Xenith puts full workflow control at your fingertips.
Xitron offers the latest workflow solutions based on Adobe® technology including Xenith Sierra 4 and Xenith Sierra 8 based on the Adobe PDF print engine and Xenith 4PDF, Xenith Extreme 4 and Xenith Extreme 8 based on the Adobe PostScript® interpreter.
Xenith includes the features most requested of today’s systems; including ink re-mapping, in-RIP trapping, and automated job pre-flight. Plus, Xenith allows an Mac or PC-based clients to view, track, or change the process of any job at any stage - from anywhere on your network.


Xenith 4 PDF

Scaled for use with the most popular 2-up and 4-up output devices, Xenith 4 PDF brings top-level functionality to smaller format commercial printers. The same PostScript® and PDF processing built into Xenith Extreme is the foundation of Xenith 4 PDF.

Built-in pre-flight, ink re-mapping, and in-RIP trapping are also part of the package, which means there’s no compromise in productivity or throughput. Optional JDF control, automated imposition, ink-jet drivers and comprehensive color management are available to grow the system as needs change.


Xenith Extreme 4 and Xenith Extreme

The ultimate in professional pre-press workflow systems, Xenith Extreme 4 and Xenith Extreme combine practical functionality with ease of use. Offering PDF and pure PostScript® workflow, Xenith Extreme solutions improve your throughput and accuracy through a clear and consistent job ticket interface that includes built-in pre-flight control. Xenith Extreme 4 offers all the features and capabilities of Xenith Extreme with a maximum output of 30" x 30".

Automated imposition – accommodating late page replacement – is a standard feature that takes your workflow to imposed flats or plates, without additional intervention by your pre-press operators. Add JDF and CIP4 and extend your control and functionality all the way to the press.

Xenith Sierra
Xenith Sierra is the premier workflow offering in Xitron’s expanding line of RIP and workflow solutions. Based on JDF and the Adobe PDF Print Engine technology, Xenith Sierra is the perfect solution for larger commercial printers. As a fully featured workflow, Xenith Sierra includes 5 concurrent Mac® or Windows-based clients giving prepress operators full control of the workflow from any desktop.

Xenith Sierra empowers printers who need comprehensive control over every job. Automating prepress tasks with cutting-edge technology, Xenith Sierra provides everything necessary to increase throughput, improve quality, reduce errors, and maximize performance. Extremely easy to use, Xenith Sierra supports more than 256 output devices from various manufacturers including proofers, imagesetters, platesetters, digital presses, and production copiers.

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