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    The Vastech DT-14 and DT-22 Rapid Access Processors offer a combination of quality, low operating cost, high dependability and both easy operation and maintenance.
    It will develop RC material, rapid access line and halftone films, continuous tone film, contact material, laser and infrared films and other materials ensuring high resolution with sharp and uniform density output.
    Deep tanks with automatic replenishment will ensure maximum stability and output.

Standard Features:
  • Spring-loaded Sprockets, engaged to the drive chain, function as a clutch eliminating any damage to drive components such as sprockets, drive pins, drive motor, etc.
  • Internal Circulation System for maintaining even temperature of chemicals.
  • Environmentally Safe water recirculating system. No plumbing required. DT-14 and DT-22 recirculate water into the deep tank from additional container.
  • Standby Mode allows the processor, after initial warm-up, to maintain chemical temperature which saves energy, extends chemical life and minimizes machine wear.
  • Stainless Steel Design. Side Frames, trays and other components in contact with chemical solutions are made from high grade stainless steel to eliminate corrosion problems.
  • Adjustable Speed Control located on the front panel, ensures total operator control when processing a wide variety of photographic materials.
  • Simple Design of the processor makes all the parts easily accessible.
  • Easy to Use Minimum Maintenance allows operation of the processor with virtually no training.
  • Compact Size allows comfortable fit into most composing or darkrooms.
  • Highly Efficient Dryer recirculates heated air, ensuring optimum performance and energy efficiency.
  • Color Coded Hoses minimize operator confusion when changing chemistry.
  • Low Power Consumption. The Vastech DT-14 and DT-22 consume only 15 AMPS at 115 Volts.
  • Sturdy Stand equipped with lockable casters makes the unit mobile or lockable in any desired location.
  • Automatic Replenishing for developer and fixer provides processing with fresh chemistries at all times.

Electrical: 115 Volts, 15 Amps 115Volts,15 Amps
Solution Temperature: Ambient to 120F Ambient to 120F
Transport Speed: Variable from 4" to 72" per minute Variable from 4" to 72" per minute
Width Capacity: Up to 14" Wide Up to 22" Wide
Length Capacity: Wide 8" minimum, no maximum limitation 8" minimum, no maximum limitation
Tank Capacity: Developer 2 gallons
Fixer 2 gallons
Wash 2 gallons
Developer 3 gallons
Fixer 3 gallons
Wash 3 gallons
Replenishing: Adjustable from 3 ccm Adjustable from 3 ccm
Rate: to 175 ccm to 175 ccm
Weight: 130 pounds 150 pounds

Options Available From Your Dealer:
  • Feed Shelf for processing of sheet material.

We service and sell the complete line



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