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                        High Quality,

                                       Low Cost

    Metal Plates,
        Polyester Plates,
            Prepress and Pressroom
                Color Proofer Ink and Paper

Press the "Service Buck" to Save even more $$.

We want to be your full service supplier.

 Thank you for considering CompuDoc to supply your PrePress & Press room supplies. We stock product for our regular customers, and always do our best to deliver quality products in a timely & professional manner. We guarantee these products, money back on your first order if you are not satisfied, and free replacement of any defective product.
 We offer a full line of supplies from many sources, as well as our popular Ultima film and plates. Ultima is a first quality, private labeled product from a major manufacturer. This film, available in both standard and matte finish, is in stock at the lowest possible cost! This is a high quality, consistent product, with a DMAX over 5.0


Updated 04/18/2012