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Service Buck Application

To show how easy a "Buck" is to use we are offering a sample coupon. The rules are one sample coupon per customer per lifetime. To use the sample just print this page and fill in the blanks then give it to your service technician and they will deduct $90.00 from your invoice. If you like the program fill out the Service Buck application then with each $500.00 supply order we will send you a "real Service Buck".

What’s a Service Buck?
A Service Buck is a credit, good for one half hour off Field Service Travel or Labor charges ($90.00), or a $100.00 credit towards a Service Contract payment.
How do I get them?
Once enrolled in the Service Buck Program, you will receive a service buck for each $500 supply order you place.
A Service Credit for every $500 I spend on Supplies sounds really good, is there a catch?
Nope, no catch, except for the standard fine print, as follows: The Service Buck Program is an Annual Supply Purchase Agreement. For the duration of the agreement, we will send you one service buck for each supply order of $500 or more, two for each order of $1000 or more, and so on, in increments of $500. This program does not involve any commitment on your part to purchase, simply a bonus when you do.
How do I redeem my Service Bucks?
If you have a Service Contract, just send them with your contract payment, and deduct the appropriate amount from what you pay. If you have Time & Material Service, present them to the technician when he is finished, and he will make the appropriate deduction, or make the deduction yourself when you pay the service invoice, and include the service buck with your payment. For T&M Service, each Service Buck will deduct $90.00 from the total billing. Service bucks must be redeemed during the term of this annual agreement.


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