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You don't need a new setter, you need a new RIP!!!
Contact us to find out the current pricing on a new Harlequin or one of our reconditioned O.E.M. RIP's.

CompuDoc and Xitron offer the latest in PostScript RIP technology from Global Graphics, and Adobe Systems. We also carry a full line of workflow products, TIFF catchers, and imagesetter/platesetter interface kits designed with the most demanding pre-press environments in mind.

Whether you want output to film, plate or digital press, we have a solution to meet your needs.

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RIP's support most Platesetters,
(CTP poly or metal) Imagesetters, and color printers.

Navigator RIP

Xitron’s Navigator RIP continues to lead the industry in performance, reliability, and value. Powered by the latest Harlequin PostScript 3 ® interpreter, Navigator is fully compatible with the most popular software packages used in the graphic arts industry today. Whether your production requires throughput of PostScript, PDF, TIFF, EPS, or even PDF/X, Navigator supports you.

Xitron's Navigator GPS is an efficient solution for small and mid-sized printers who are looking for a dependable RIP combined with the ability to control and preview jobs from other desktops on the network. Easy-to-use, powerful, responsive, and compatible with over 150 output devices, Navigator GPS also gives you the full backing and support of Xitron. We are built to help you with solutions that are not only reliable, but can be a lasting foundation for years to come. With Navigator GPS, Xitron has once again delivered on that promise.

Xitron’s Xenith Workflow is a scalable, server-based system that offers a functional approach to pre-press productivity. With an abundance of practical tools designed to ease production bottlenecks, Xenith puts full workflow control at your fingertips.

Built on the latest Adobe® PostScript® interpreter, Xenith includes the features most requested of today’s systems; including ink re-mapping, in-RIP trapping, and automated job pre-flight. Plus, Xenith allows an unlimited number of Mac or PC-based clients to view, track, or change the process of any job at any stage - from anywhere on your network.

Xitron’s Raster Blaster creates the link between today’s workflow systems and the most popular output devices being used in pre-press production. Raster Blaster accepts screened, one-bit TIFFs from virtually any source and converts them into the specific raster format necessary for imaging.

Rip Options

Xitron’s Navigator RIP Manager, to increase productivity, manage your workflow, and help reduce costs. An intuitive interface allows multiple operators to manage their work from any Windows or Macintosh workstation on the network, while the Navigator RIP Manager directs output production through up to three RIPs.

Drag and drop functionality, in addition to traditional job submission methods, make Navigator RIP Manager very simple to use. Navigator RIP Manager is modular and expandable, providing a PDF option that includes PDF creation, preflight controls, and the ability to incorporate Certified PDF.


TrapPro is Global Graphics Software’s in-RIP trapping engine available with the Genesis Release™ of the Harlequin RIP®. The TrapPro object-based raster engine delivers outstanding performance and excellent memory utilization. It adds the features demanded by top printers and publishers and is designed to trap jobs automatically. This in-rip trapping can easily be set up to accommodate different types of jobs or customers.Trap settings can be saved to reduce system time improving both quality and consistency of trapped output.


JDF Enabler, From the Eclipse Release (6.4) RIP onwards, Global Graphics' Harlequin RIPs are all JDF-ready - they are able to process jobs passed to them from a JDF source. To take advantage of this, the RIP must be configured to accept JDF files from either channels or hotfolders.

The JDF Enabler for the Harlequin RIP, is an optional module that provides this functionality: it will enable a user to set up and monitor either HTTP channels for JMF messaging, or published hotfolders for drag-and-dropped JDF files. The JDF Enabler features an intuitive web based GUI that allows multiple users to check on the status of JDF jobs and view progress, along with administrator level access to set up HTTP JMF channels and hotfolders.

The JDF Enabler for the Harlequin RIP Genesis Release supports JDF 1.1a and the latest 1.2 specification files.

FirstPROOF is a family of remote (LAN) pre-press soft-proofing systems, consisting of FirstPROOF Standard, FirstPROOF Professional, FirstPROOF Lite and FirstPROOF Viewer.

Available to run on either a PC or Apple Macintosh, FirstPROOF allows users to remotely view and approve output from multiple RIPs prior to imaging. The software allows you to easily and quickly navigate around your job, zooming in and out to check the layout and content. Once you are happy that the image is fine, you can then send it back for output. This is an essential tool for the pre-press department, where exposing film or burning plates can prove a costly excercise when mistakes are made, especially for CTP.

Updated: 04/18/2012


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