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Raster Blaster

Xitron’s Raster Blaster creates the link between today’s workflow systems and the most popular output devices being used in pre-press production. Raster Blaster accepts screened, one-bit TIFFs from virtually any source and converts them into the specific raster format necessary for imaging.

Raster Blaster Features and Benefits

Save Money

Raster Blaster accepts one-bit TIFFs from all the major workflows and RIPs, providing an interface to over 150 output devices. This extends the life of your imaging equipment by eliminating the need for constant capital equipment purchase.

Be Flexible

Raster Blaster provides the connection from your existing RIP or workflow to output devices from other vendors. You are not locked in to one manufacturer for RIP and output, leaving you free to choose the components that are right for your needs.

Grow Your System - Inexpensively

Raster Blaster can serve as the single output point for multiple RIPs. Instead of the traditional “one-RIP, one-output” configuration (which often leaves expensive imaging equipment idle), several inexpensive RIPs can keep a single output device in constant use.

Make it Easy

Raster Blaster set-up and configuration requires only a few minutes. This shortens your learning curve and puts you into production faster.

Updated 04/18/2012


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