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Kimosetter 410 & Kimoplate e2

Affordable CTP on your desktop

Upgrade your existing RIP, to fully utilize the advanced features in the latest page layout, and System software.  Job name errors, PDF support, and separations to name a few. You can even add a "workflow" system at the same time.


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Computer to Plate ( CTP )
What PlateSetter works for you?

Computer to Plate, Direct to Plate, CTP, or whatever you call it, imaging directly on a printing plate, with no intermediate steps, is the next step in prepress technology. Platesetter sales have outpaced film imagesetter sales to the point that many manufacturers are discontinuing their film system production. Why? Less steps mean reduced labor cost, reduced material cost, and fewer chances for error.

ECRM Mako 2 CTP, Mako 4 CTP, or Mako 8 CTP

Metal platesetter for commercial-quality print
Proven Mako Imaging Technology --Easy to use, maintain and install -- Built for long-lasting reliability -- Inexpensive to own and operate A fast and easy transition to CTP production ECRM’s Mako CTP system brings the benefits of CTP to all 2, 4, or 8 -page presses, delivering higher quality, faster turnaround times and short-run profitability, with the lowest cost of ownership in it's class.
A precise pin bar registration system that matches your press provides excellent repeatability, easy plate mounting, extraordinary accuracy and shorter make-readies. Pin bar system changes in seconds to accommodate all of your press formats from 32.4” x 45” to 10” x 10”.
Included CT Server will catch tiff’s from your existing workflow, or add CompuDoc’s Harlequin RIP system.
Low cost – inexpensive to buy, easy to operate, simple to maintain, Mako CTP produces high quality output to maximize your quality on press, profit potential and maintain a successful cost-effective operation.
With Mako CTP's, you can exceed the expectations of your most discerning customers by providing better quality printing at a price that will have a positive impact at the bottom line.
All you need is a small yellow safelight environment and a suitable processor and you are on the way to sharper and more consistent printed results, while eliminating the need for film.
Many workflow options available, color proofing, in-RIP Trapping, & more.

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DPX System

The DPX Platesetting System is an internal drum device that images 175-line, perfectly registered, press-ready Silver DigiPlate material directly from your desktop. The DPX Platesetter delivers processed, dried, pre-punched, press-ready plates quickly and efficiently so you can compete for short-run, process color jobs.
One Machine - One Process
The only polyester CTP system that fully integrates all process in one unit and in one automated process.
With the finished digital original on your computer, it's easy to create press-ready plates. Like any other printer the DPX is directly connected to your MAC or PC environment. The page size is defined and after selecting "print", a plate is produced. If imposition is required, you only need a standard imposition tool.
What are the benefits of CTP?
Lower costs and increased productivity because there are no manual processes the DPX enables you to produce more plates per hour, achieve better usage of your printing machines and gives you the capacity to take in more jobs without increasing labor cost.
Shorter delivery times - On-demand printing
Since the DPX CTP system reduces the process of plate making significantly, delivery time to your customers can be similarly reduced. This makes the DPX user an important and competitive player within the field of on-demand printing.
Generates new business opportunities
With the DPX you have a highly versatile system, which allow you to compete in the rapidly emerging process color (4 color) short run market.
4 Color Applications
The DPX is the only dedicated polyester CTP machine on the market, which directly from the machine, is able to support you with color separated and punched plates (perfectly in register), ready to be mounted directly onto the press.
Ensures high quality - every time
CTP technology guarantees top quality by making a clean, first generation dot directly on the plate. All the quality-reducing intermediate steps of classical platemaking are eliminated.
Ensures a correct image on the plate
Image position on the plate is controlled by the RIP and is set up according to the specification you choose. It is always in perfect register to your requirements for the gripper margin.
In order to save time when changing material widths and using different printing presses, the DPX has two roll magazines which allow for usage of a wide variety of plate sizes and printing presses.
Optional Plate Register Punch
As an option you can choose between various integrated plate punch solutions (landscape, portrait or both). The unique feature of exposing the plates in punch position ensures the accuracy to register two or 4 color jobs (process).

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