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Navigator GPS
Navigator GPS is an efficient solution for small and mid-sized printers who are looking for a dependable RIP combined with the ability to control and preview jobs from other desktops on the network. Easy-to-use, powerful, responsive, and compatible with over 250 output devices, Navigator GPS also gives you the full backing and support of Xitron. We are built to help you with solutions that are not only reliable, but can be a lasting foundation for years to come. With Navigator GPS, Xitron has once again delivered on that promise.

Navigator RIP
Xitron’s Navigator RIP continues to lead the industry in performance, reliability, and value. Powered by the latest Harlequin PostScript 3 ® interpreter, Navigator is fully compatible with the most popular software packages used in the graphic arts industry today. Whether your production requires throughput of PostScript, PDF, TIFF, EPS, or even PDF/X, Navigator supports you.

An easy-to-use graphical interface helps guide jobs through the RIP for output to over 250 film, CTP, and proofing devices, while optional features such as in-RIP trapping, CIP3 generation, and Simple Imposition make it a top performer in the most demanding production environments. Navigator RIPs are the pre-press foundation of small print shops, large commercial printers and multi-million dollar publishing houses around the globe

                    Navigator GPS 8 New Features


                                Navigator GPS 8 Features & Benefits

                                                Harlequin 8.0.5 RIP core
Latest RIP core with enhanced transparency support

Press logo for Navigator GPS "Flash" Demo

                                                        Native PDF 1.7 Support
Accept files from the latest layout and design programs

Press logo for Navigator GPS "Flash" Demo

                                                                Native XPS Support
Supports XPS 1.0 standard

                                                                        Navigator PDF Soft Proofing Plug-in (option)
Soft proofing of RIPed bitmap in PDF format

                                                                                Try Before You Buy
Evaluate suitability of select features before purchase

Navigator GPS 8 Details

Harlequin 8.0.5 RIP core
Providing enhanced support for transparency handling, the Navigator 8 RIP includes the latest Harlequin RIP core from Global Graphics Software.

Native PDF 1.7 Support
This capability means that users will be able to handle files from more front-end and design applications including Acrobat 7/8 PDFs that are PDF 1.7 compliant.

Native XPS 1.0 Support
Native support for Microsoft’s XPS page description language output found in many of the latest Windows programs.

Navigator PDF Soft Proofing Plug-in (option)
The Navigator PDF Soft Proofing Plug-in provides users the ability to generate a CMYK PDF soft proof of the job once it has been RIPed. The plug-in creates a 300 or 600 dpi CMYK PDF file that can be easily viewed with standard PDF viewers.

Other Features

Font Emulation
Font emulation is ideal for time critical applications, such as Print on Demand (digital production with appropriate character spacing, weight and width.

Improved Color Management (optional ColorPro)
Navigator offers improved color rendition in overprinting profiles.

Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy provides the opportunity to test drive some of the most popular Navigator GPS options. Included are Simple Imposition, TrapPro, HSD, CIP3, ColorPro and plug-ins for Canon and Epson proofing printers.

Job Performance Improvements
Increases in performance have been incorporated into many functions of the RIP. One such increase will be found in jobs with color management under ColorPro. The speed is enhanced by caching the color management information resulting in less processing time to render a job. Actual performance increases are job and system specific.

Enhanced Device Support
Xitron is constantly adding to its list of support output devices. A Universal Windows Printer plug-in supports many desktop laser printers and multi-function devices commonly found in use at printers. This plug-in enhances the ability to use these devices as adjuncts to the prepress workflow for text and concept proofing.

RIP Manager Control
RIP Manager 3.3.4 includes increased control of the RIP to the desktop, further reducing the need for specific page setups. RIP Manager provides the ability to select imposition schemes, trap sets, image rotation, color separation sets and page features. Output device icons allow users to more easily determine the output device in use for a specific workflow. The icon will automatically be displayed based on the device chosen in the Page Setup. Enhanced searching functionality makes locating jobs a breeze for users who have a large daily volume or who retain frequently run jobs on file.

RIP Manager 3.3.4 is available in English, German and Japanese.

Updated 04/18/2012


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