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Navigator RIP

Xitron’s Navigator RIP continues to lead the industry in performance, reliability, and value. Powered by the latest Harlequin PostScript 3 ® interpreter, Navigator is fully compatible with the most popular software packages used in the graphic arts industry today. Whether your production requires throughput of PostScript, PDF, TIFF, EPS, or even PDF/X, Navigator supports you.

An easy-to-use graphical interface helps guide jobs through the RIP for output to over 150 film, CTP, and proofing devices, while optional features such as in-RIP trapping, CIP3 generation, and Simple Imposition make it a top performer in the most demanding production environments. Navigator RIPs are the pre-press foundation of small print shops, large commercial printers and multi-million dollar publishing houses around the globe.

Features & Benefits – Navigator

One RIP, Multiple Output Devices
Provides a single platform and interface for driving proofing devices, imagesetters and platesetters

Xitron Plug-ins & Cards
Extend the life of existing investments with the ability to drive more than 150 legacy and current output devices

JDF Ready
The latest technology standard assures your investment will meet future needs

Extensive Option Choices
Build as robust a system as necessary with plenty of room for growth

Navigator Options

Powerful and functional on its own, optional modules for the Navigator RIP can increase productivity and help to streamline the entire pre-press operation. In-RIP trapping with TrapPro ensures accurate, vector-based traps. Proofing plug-ins allow a single RIP to drive a high-resolution device and color-managed proofers. Simple Imposition provides automated in-RIP imposition for most 2-up applications.

CIP3 provides ink key data to press consoles, while RIP Manager builds on the functionality of the basic ROAM soft-proofing feature of Navigator by providing a preview of RIPed jobs on any desktop - without interfering in the RIP’s production.

Soft Proofing
Improve productivity by providing pre-press operator control anywhere on the network

Navigator RIP Manager
Enhance throughput with a complete solution that includes desktop job management &

Proofing Plug-ins

Navigator supports a wide variety of proofing options, including the most popular ink-jet proofers from Epson and HP. Adding a proofing plug-in to a Navigator RIP closes the color proofing loop, ensuring data integrity. The same RIP used for proofing processes the final output to film or plate.

All Xitron Proofing Plug-ins include ColorPro, Global Graphic’s built-in color management system. ColorPro supplies a full range of color management tools, providing accuracy in color output through targets such as SWOP, FOGRA, and Commercial A. ColorPro will also accept custom ICC profiles generated for specific needs.


Xitron offers trapping from within the Navigator RIP. TrapPro features object and vector trapping, auto-chokes and super blacks along with small object protection. It also supports raster to raster trapping, sliding traps, mitered ends and feathered traps.

TrapPro uses the job’s PostScript® display list to identify trap areas (typically a small subset of the whole page) and then traps them in a purely raster fashion.

Harlequin Dispersed Screening (HDS)
Harlequin’s Frequency Modulated Screening for Moiré free images

Generate PPF (Print Production Format) files for presses capable of accepting digital ink-key data

TIFF/IT P-1 Input and Output
Allows Navigator to process/create TIFF/IT P-1 files

Job Definition Format (JDF) is a comprehensive industry standard designed to enable “end-to-end” job ticket specifications. Eventually, JDF will allow different applications and systems to communicate fully and effectively as jobs pass from point to point in the prepress cycle, streamlining the entire process.

Xitron’s Navigator RIP is JDF capable, meaning Navigator 7.0 (and higher) users will be able to add optional JDF components as they are released

Updated 04/18/2012


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