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JDF Enabler for the Harlequin RIP Genesis Release

JDF, the Job Definition Format, is "...a comprehensive XMLbased industry standard for end-to-end job ticket specifications, combined with a message description standard and message interchange protocol" (CIP4). A standard designed by the CIP4 organisation (of which Global Graphics is a founding member), the JDF format was designed to help automate print workflows through the provision of an open communication standard. Adoption of JDF as a control mechanism will help printers and platemakers to minimise the expense associated with errors
making their way through the production process - which can make the difference between profit and loss in an industry that is moving towards more complex, shorter runs with each job.

From the Eclipse Release (6.4) and the Genesis Release onwards, Global Graphics' Harlequin RIPs are all JDF ready - they are able to process jobs passed to them from a JDF source.To take advantage of this, the RIP must be configured to accept JDF files from either channels or hotfolders.The JDF Enabler for the Harlequin RIP is an additional separate module that provides this functionality. It will enable a user to set up and monitor either HTTP channels for JMF messaging, or published hotfolders for drag and dropped JDF files.

The JDF Enabler for the Harlequin RIP features an optional intuitive web based GUI that allows multiple users to check on the status of JDF jobs and view progress, along with administrator level access in order to set up HTTP JMF channels and hotfolders.


View and manage all JDF transactions through the Harlequin RIP JDF Enabler


A JDF solution in your own workflow, or driven through Imposition:
The JDF Enabler v2.0 for the Harlequin RIP Genesis Release is suitable for adding JDF compatibility to a vendor's Harlequin RIP-based workflow solution, but is also for Imposition-led workflows. In such cases, customers can quickly and easily set up a JDF-based workflow to accept JDF files from all major prepress Imposition packages, and allow JDF files created from those packages to determine how the RIP processes the constituent page files.


Process control Nodes:
A JDF-Enabled Harlequin RIP is compliant with JDF written to the latest CIP4 JDF specification (JDF 1.2).The JDF Enabler can accept files in JDF v1.1a and in v1.2 and can handle the following JDF process control nodes:
l Interpreting
l Imposition
l Trapping
l ColorSpaceConversion (Color Management)
l Rendering
l Separation
l Contone Calibration
l Screening
l Imagesetting - the new implementation of the JDF Enabler for the Harlequin Genesis release can allow for the imagesetting process to be handled by a node on a different device for TIFF shooter workflows.


Application support:
The JDF Enabler explicity supports JDF/JMF files or communication to/from:
l Dynagram Dynastrip
l Creo Preps
l OneVision Speedflow Impose
l Agfa :Delano
l PPi PrintNet MIS
l OCSL Optimus MIS


Platform Support
The JDF Enabler v2.0 for the Harlequin RIP Genesis Release runs on either Windows® NT/XP/2000, Mac® OS X or Linux® ES platforms.The interface can be accessed with a standard web browser.

Updated 04/18/2012


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