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What can be said about imagesetters that you haven't heard already?

How about that they are not dead, millions of feet of film are output every day in the U.S. alone.
Thousands of imagesetters are still in use every day.

Call or E-MAIL for Prices on the Equipment you want or need!!
We may have it in stock, if not it is only a few days away. 

 We still recondition, sell, service, support, and upgrade imagesetters. Exxtra, ECRM, Ultra, Agfa, and Linotronic to name a few. Many companies will tell you the you unit is no longer supported and you will have to go to CTP. Yes its true some imagesetters are impossible to get parts for or just not feasible to repair, but not all. We have many imagesetters in stock both new and reconditioned, and many can run film and polyester plate. Call us for service or to purchase your equipment, we don't list our inventory or prices on the web because the turn over is too fast. We don't want to list equipment we don't have any more because by the time we list an item it is probably sold.

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Reconditioned Equipment

Agfa Accuset Series

Agfa Avantra Series

Agfa ProSet Series

Agfa SelectSet Series

ECRM StingRay

ECRM Marlin


Exxtra ExxtraSetter

Exxtra ExxPress

Linotronic 330

Linotronic 530

Ultra 72

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