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ECRM Imaging Systems is launching the latest version of its highly successful ECRM RIP software. RIP 6.4 offers enhanced levels of productivity and flexibility to imagesetter and platesetter users. It can be purchased with new imaging devices or as an upgrade to existing systems.

ECRM RIP 6.4 is powered by the latest Harlequin Eclipse RIP technology, providing the ideal workflow solution for a wide variety of commercial printing and publishing applications.

“We’ve continued to build on the success of the ECRM RIP to create our most advanced workflow solution yet,” confirms Peter Wilkens, VP Worldwide Marketing for ECRM. “With installations numbering in the thousands worldwide, our customers like its robust design, unbeatable reliability and simple operation.”

This simple operation combined with a sophisticated feature set is the key to the success of the existing ECRM RIP. Many ECRM customers use it as the heart of a complete digital output management solution, customized to their needs by the available plug-in options.

In addition to the features and options of the existing product, the new software provides the following enhancements:

“With the latest RIP upgrade, our existing users will see improvements in both image quality and productivity,” confirms Wilkens. “In order to offer the best value possible on the market today, we have aggressively priced the RIP and its options, enabling all users to benefit from its state-of-the-art technology.”

The new system also features Recombine Version 2, a unique feature allowing pre-separated PostScript files to be trapped, proofed or color managed. Recombine Version 2 also provides increased color and position accuracy as well as support for more types of patterns and objects, such as transparency.

With the new package, the ECRM Filmsetter RIP now supports ECRM’s buffered, on-line filmsetters, including the Stingray and Marlin, as well as both the Mako and VR series models.

Updated 04/18/2012


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