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Autologic Information International Software

Ad Manager
Ad Manager combines the flexibility of desktop ad design tools with the power and control of a
centralized SQL database.

APS Grafix RIP
APS Grafix RIP is a high performance PostScript (TM) language interpreter designed to meet the demands
of deadline color production. The APS GRAFIX RIP will accept PDF 1.2 and PostScript 3 files.

APS PagePair
APS PagePair automates the placing of pages side by side on film or CTP recorders. It is ideal for
newspapers wishing to maximize their production capacity and push back deadlines.

APS PDF ADTool can cure PDF Ad headaches while protecting your ad revenue!

APS Plateroom Manager 
APS Plateroom Manager provides a target based software running with Output Manager.

APS RIP3 is a high performance Portable Document Format (PDF) RIP based on PostScript(TM) 3 language interpreter.

The APS RIP3 will accept both PDF and PostScript 3 files.

APS View
APS View Family consisting of APS PageView, APS EditionView and APS NetView software modules developed
by Autologic gives you more control over your workflow, production process and quality.

APSCOM is a family of products solving the issues associated with Electronic Document Delivery (EDD).
APSCOM provides data compression, document management, document distribution and communications services.

Output Manager NT
 Output Manager NT maximizes resources by efficiently organizing, prioritizing, and routing pages to
multiple RIPs, and imagesetters at both local and remote sites.

Updated 04/18/2012


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