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Agfa SelectSet Series

We service and sell the complete line

 These are drum machines, where the media doesn’t move while imaging. This method of operation ensures the best possible accuracy, repeatability, and registration. It also minimizes dot gain in the imagesetter - SelectSet machines typically produce very close to the desired dot percentage without an add on calibration program. The downside of the drum design is limiting the page length to the diameter of the drum. These machines image at 1200, 2400, & 3600 dpi, and easily reproduce halftone at 250 lpi and above.

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SelectSet 5000

SelectSet 5000 is the baby of the family, with a max image size of 15.7 by 22 on 16" film. Some of the earlier models do not do 3600 dpi. These machines are widely available used, at pricing not much more than an AccuSet

SelectSet 7000

SelectSet 7000 is a true 4 up system. Max size is 25.7 by 22, on 26" film. This machine is perfect for those needing a 4 page output, and should be coupled with a high performance RIP and a real imposition program to generate complete flats for your press. These machines are available, at a reasonable price for this size/performance.

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