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Agfa ProSet Series

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Agfa ProSet 9400

The ProSet 9400 was Agfa Corp’s first truly successful Laser ImageSetter. Production started in the late 1980’s, and continued through most of the 1990’s. As the world of typesetting moved from dedicated front systems to open, Postscript based Imaging, many thousands of these systems were sold. These are rugged, workhorse machines, without any serious or consistent flaws. Because of this, the 9400 remains a very viable option today for the shop looking for a low cost Imaging system.

The 9400 uses an Infrared Laser to expose Film, RC Paper, or Polyester plate material. It is a capstan type system, with an imaging speed of 4 inches per minute at 1200 dpi and 2 inches per minute at 2400 dpi. At 2400 dpi, it will hold a good 133 line screen. Maximum media width is 13.3", and it will image edge to edge.

With a high performance software RIP, such as our Xitron Navigator Harlequin RIP, these machines can hold fairly tight registration, however, over the long term, periodic media transport maintenance may be required. If you will need to image longer pages with tight registration, this may not be the system for you, but it is perfect for the shop with modest needs and a tight budget.

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Agfa Proset 9550 / 9800 / 9836

Agfa’s ProSet 9800 and 9550 were developed in the early 1990’s to meet the need for a modern, high performance, tight registration, high speed ImageSetter. This was Agfa’s first true four color imaging system. While it uses the same case as the earlier 9400 model, on the inside, everything is new and improved.

New and improved features include:

So, what can the 9800/9550 do for you? That’s easy. It can do everything an AccuSet or ECRM, or other capstan imagesetter can do. It is as fast, as easy to operate, as reliable, as good in every way. It’s a 13.3 inch machine, four color accurate, capable of 175 lpi @ 2400 dpi. The newest models feature 3600 dpi, at up to 200 lpi. The best news is that the recent flood of used AccuSet’s has dropped the price on 9800’s considerably, to well below $10K. So what are you waiting for, call CompuDoc for a 9800 today!

Updated 04/18/2012


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