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Kimosetter 410 & Kimoplate e2

Kimosetter 410 Summer SaleThe Kimosetter 410 is a desktop CTP solution which enables you to image GTO offset plates. The plates with a size up to 410 x 510mm, imaged with a thermal transfer system are toner and chemical free. Easily exchangeable ink ribbons are used and ensure simple operation. Kimoto's CTP system is supplied in a bundle with a PostScript 3 RIP for PC or Macintosh. The Kimosetter 410 is the ideal choice for small offset printers and copy shops. It is most suitable for text, high density solids and clean halftones

Ecological Approach and Economical Choice

Kimoplate e2 is a polyester printing plate from Kimoto, a world leader in coating technology. The unique features of Kimoplate e2 bring an affordable CTP solution to small offset printers.

Chemical free

Kimoplate e2 requires no special chemicals, etch or fountain solution and does not require post fusing. The plate is press ready straight from the Kimosetter 410 platesetter. This environmentally friendly approach enables operators to work in studio conditions.

Clean background

Kimoplate e2 is free from background toning.

Excellent stability

The polyester base is 0.125mm (0.005in) thick, the same as most pre-sensitized metal plates, and is more stable than 0.100mm (0.004in) laser plates. Kimoplate e2 has excellent dimensional stability ensures accurate image size and good registration of spot color work.

Fast recovery

When restarting after a stop, just wipe the plate surface with clean water or fountain solution; Kimoplate e2 recovers very quickly.

Fountain solution

Kimoplate e2 is compatible with most fountain solutions (including Silver Master and electrostatic) when used at their recommended dilution or pH strength.

Printing inks

Kimoplate e2 will run with most inks (oil base, rubber base and soy base)

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